Future-Proofing Your Organization includes activities and case studies which develop thinking skills. Purchasers of the book have permission to use the case studies and activities with their own workers – and now you can too!

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Case Studies

Case studies are effective in developing critical thinking because they ask the learner to take an objective view point about a situation, remove bias and assumptions, and then critically analyze the information provided either in ‘hindsight’ (what missteps were made?) or in strategizing the future (what should be the next move?)

Similar to the synergy that is created by participating in group activities, case study discussions help the learner to “argue” effectively about their interpretation of the case, and to appreciate and integrate different points of view when coming to conclusions.

Our case studies emphasize 12 critical business skills. You have permission to use these cases for your own employee development programs, with credit. If you’d like a case study customized for your industry, business needs, or identified employee development, please use the Contact form.

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Working with others is beneficial for so many reasons. First, as Ken Blanchard likes to say, None of us is as smart as all of us; learners are simply going to have better learning outcomes by listening to, assessing, and integrating other people’s perspectives on the “lesson” at hand.

Secondly, most companies accomplish work in team-based environments, so we might as well model it in our approach to learning.

And third, actively engaging in a learning process, rather than learning about a concept in theory makes the learning have meaning and “stick.”

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