Future-Proofing Your Organization by Teaching Critical Thinking Skills

This book is going to change the way you look at leadership training and OD in your organization.  Due to changing demographics (Boomers will be out of the workforce by 2030) we need to develop critical thinking skills in future leaders pronto, but more importantly, we need to develop everyone.

This large-scale need for employee development is going to require a strategic development plan. We cannot accomplish what we need to accomplish through “silo’d training” or by delivering one class at a time.

Companies need a wholly integrated curriculum that develops individuals over the course of their career and immediately pays-back the organization.

This book illustrates the way to do it. Download the introduction at right.

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Who Needs this Book?

Critical Thinking Leadership Training

For most of the 20th century, work was a physical task with a visible output. Training consisted of “how to” and most companies focused on production. All that has changed in the last few decades. Today’s workers get paid for their critical thinking skills – analysis, synthesis, reasoning, decision making, problem solving, and more.

Unfortunately these are skills we have not developed in tandem with the need for them. Education primarily focuses on rote memorization and the ability to pass a test, and despite the changing nature of work, workplace training and development still focus too much on tasks and output. When we see someone reading or staring out the window, we tend to think “they aren’t working;” when in fact they may be researching, strategizing, problem solving or creating – all skills that we have failed to develop in the majority of today’s workforce.

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Leadership Training – Critical Thinking Skills

In the very near future, when the Boomers leave the workforce (projected to be 2030 by the US Census) organizations will be left in the hands of a generation that has not developed the critical thinking skills necessary to successfully manage and lead a 21st century business.

So, who needs this book? Every manager, trainer, leader and developer of future leaders.

This book provides a framework for developing leadership training and critical thinking skills in your workers and leaders. In addition to discussing the top skills future leaders will need, it provides concrete and practical steps to begin future-leader development today (see pages 35 + 36 for a list of ideas that require no budget, no staff and no overt training!). And right now, you can access other resources for leadership training – such as case studies and activities that teach thinking – here.

You must start today with leadership training to ensure your organization will have the skilled talent it needs to thrive in the future. Buy the book.